Our research focuses on design, preparation, characterization and testing in applications of new materials, prepared primarily by chemical methods. We search for and seek to develop materials, which can facilitate new, or significantly enhance existing technologies, particularly in the areas of energy conversion and storage, optoelectronics and electronics. Our research is organized into four complementary areas:

  • Theory and modelling
  • Materials synthesis/fabrication
  • Materials characterization
  • Devices fabrication and characterization

Examples of research themes pursued within the laboratory:

2D nanomaterials for electronics

Development of “bottom-up” chemical methods for preparation of 2D nanomaterials structurally related to graphene, studies of the effects of quantum confinement on their properties and their testing in applications.

Inorganic nanocrystals for catalysis and optoelectronics

Development and characterization of semiconductor, metal and hetero-structured nanocrystals, study of their electronic and optical properties and investigation of their practical potential in catalysis and optoelectronics.

Novel crystalline solids for energy conversion

Development of methods for preparation of thermally and chemically stable crystalline materials related to organo-halide perovskites. Studies of their optical and electronic properties and testing their performance in photocatalysis, photovoltaics and optoelectronics.